Elecraft k2 control software

I love elecraft gear and even though the k2 is 20 yr old technology i feel very comfortable using it at the expense of the k3 and the kx2. The program uses the k2s kio2 serial port to control the rig. Getting started on data modes with the elecraft k2. Perhaps the k2 responds with 0x00 as a sign of confusion. Return rate indicates interest and if worthwhile to offer software. K2net a remote control program for the elecraft k2 transceiver. Elecraft k3 cat preparations mode4 when you want to control a elecraft k3 with the rrc1258mkii via their remote control protocol, you connect a standard rs232 cable between the pc and the com 2 connector on the back of the control rrc.

My k2, serial 5120, has worked flawless since i built it last fall. They are considered unsupported, contributed utilities. I hope you enjoy your stop at my blog and find it informative. Title manual revision download size k2 manual k2 manual for k2s with serial numbers 4060 and above using revision b pcb rev i 3292012 5.

The program uses the k2s kio2 serial port to control. Elecraft k2 both my elecraft radios are physically compact and lightweight. N4py software is your source for high quality, effective rig control software for your transceiver. Windows for k3 suite best viewed at 1080p fullscreen win4k3suite is a windows control program for the elecraft k3, k3s and kx3 transceivers supporting all options such as the secondary receiver, antenna tuner, and others, as well as the kpa500 amplifier, the kat500 antenna tuner. The rig image is from the front of the k2 pdf manual so using the program is as familiar as using your real k2. Before i knew it i had sent him, first my elecraft k1, sn 159, and then later, my k2, sn 678, both of which he tuned and updated with new components in short order. That is because the elecraft transceivers are different from other amateur transceivers, mainly in the. K2anywherek2server development a little bit ahead of k2s since that is the software i use most at home. Elecraft may elect to update them but makes no commitment to do so. Sdrplay win4k3suite for the elecraft k3 k3s kx3 and kx2. Windows for k3 suite win4k3suite for the elecraft k3 k3s. The older k3 can be upgraded completely, or any part you like, to the k3s. A basic k2 is a cw transceiver, but im building the full blown ssb version and the way elecraft have you work is to add those options in after youve got the basic radio working.

K2 programmers command reference rs232 computer control. K2anywhere is the client program with all the user interface. The if shift control setting is not available to the writelog band map, which means that engaging the if shift moves writelogs panadapter off frequency. Icom specific control software, that you must pay extra for both elecraft and kenwood give theirs away, including the specs to write your own no 10mhz reference input no upgrade path. To have the computers do the tedious, mundane work, data collection is automated by making extensive use of scpi commands controlling lab gear and. The elecraft krc2 band decoder is a universal, programmable station control unit that can switch any combination of. In the table below, the elecraft icon provides a way to run the software from the web page. Setting elecraft transceivers for soundcard digital. Both the elecraft k2 and k3 can be remote controlled from a pc with for example hamradiodeluxe or other softwares.

The k3 was sold off when we were downsizing to move into a much smaller qth. K2 programmers command reference rs232 computer control k2 kio2 programmers reference. I sent out a request for information about radio control software last week. Worth building an elecraft k2 now any experiences with recent builds. The k2 micro manual is intended to be a handy reference to the elecraft k2. Elecraft k2 links category is a curation of 21 web resources on, k2 modifications, setting the k2 dial calibration, a new knob for my k2. All software on this page is free for use by elecraft operators. I work in an rf lab where part of the time we test and evaluate radios. K3s can be upgraded with allmode 2m coverage, a full range antenna tuner, etc. Does anyone remember the good old days, back when the k2 was king, you would call support and would be routed to an engineer or perhaps in. Link to this text file this version of the software and the software provided for download on this page is provided as a free service to our customers and is provided asis. Then i look at device manager and find that the port number has changed. Ab3aps k2 rig control software university of delaware. A tcpip interface trxnet is provided for your own development.

Win4k3suite is a comprehensive control package for the elecraft k3, kx3, and k3s. Elecraft announces ax1 whip amateur ham radio antenna. However, due to security concerns this is becoming more. The software provided for download on this page is provided as a free service to our customers and is provided asis without warranty. To take the k2 into the field, all i have to do is disconnect the three cables rf, power, and control that connect the two boxes. I am now the proud owner of an icom 7610 but still am holding onto my elecraft kx3 for portable ops. K2 remote and k2 voice program downloads and instructions k2 voice provides complete k2 voice feedback frequency, mode etc. I traded my kx2 for the k2 and do not regret it one bit. Itll just be left at the last functional revision of the software. Link to this text file this version of the software and. K2 transceiver kit free shipping april special elecraft. This demonstrates using the k3 with n4py software, powersdr software and dxlab software. Elecraft kx3 and kx2 win4k3suite for the elecraft k3 k3s.

Various contesters and dxpeditioners were impressed with the k2 s performance and i liked the fact that the k2 is primarily a cw rig, with ssb as an option. Connect the kpa100 to the k2 control board via the. K2 remote and k2 voice program downloads and instructions k2 voice provides complete k2. Atu the kat100 is an ideal match for the k2 100, and will also work with the k2. Software and hardware microham support video tutorials installation and release notes. Check elecraft s kpa software page for anything new. Documentation win4k3suite for the elecraft k3 k3s kx3.

All the same features as the k3 version with a hybrid software defined radio interface. Download free ham radio software from g4ilos shack. The kx3 version of win4k3suite provides full control of the kx3 as well as a sound card based spectrum scope displaying kx3 signals in real time. But to get on the air quickly so you can try data modes out, you can use a small toggle switch connected across the ptt pins of the 8pin plug. Ive written and offer free software to control elecraft gear. More than 150 transceivers and several other devices. I originally decided to develop a simple application to talk to my elecraft k2 after building the kio2 serial port option. Make offer 200w hf power amplifierft817 icom ic703 elecraft kx3 qrp ptt control ft818.

Setting elecraft transceivers for soundcard digital don wilhelm w3fpr the setup for soundcard digital modes using elecraft transceivers k3k3skx2kx3 and also the k2 is different than the setup advice for other amateur transceivers. Ab3ap software control of elecraft gear i work in an rf lab where part of the time we test and evaluate radios. This software is helpful in using your k3s, k3, kpa1500, kpa500 or kat500 in a remote setup. Custom dust cover elecraft k1 or k2 or k3 or p3 or kpa500. Worth building an elecraft k2 now any experiences with. Ham radio control libraries hamlibdeveloper elecraft. In the last 4 years my interest in kit building has taken off. I can then turn the radio off and then back on, changing no cables or ports, and find the same application will not communicate with the radio. Some other kits include the lppan,lp100,4sqrpometerand the list goes on. Whats so strange is the ts940 backend somewhat works, and the minicom hand test also.

Install it at this time, with pin 1 of the ic turn on the k2. K2 vs k3 hi i looked through the archives and faqs and see the k3 is a all in one rig with top of line features. It is connected via the serial port and the sound card to the transceiver. The user can control many functions of the k3kx3 radio using their iphone. You can remotely control and monitor the kpa with these if it is just out of reach, or somewhere across the planet. Briefly, i find the k2 user interface to be a little awkward, particularly when accessing. Using windows 10 pro i have one radio modelbrand if i plug it in, set the application to communicate with the port as defined in device manager, all is well. K2net was designed to permit remote control of an elecraft k2 across a network, or the internet. Most of the risks of software based devices, the k2 included but limited to control functions, are statistical failures. Other k3 features and tips including third party software utilities. Ive been researching the topic and hope to eventually build that functionality into my k2 control software. The sdrplay rsp is a low cost software defined radio that can be used as a panadapter for the k3, kx3 and kx2.

Im sure these are exciting times for all of you at elecraft. Original elecraft k1 spiral bound manual great condition. That makes sense, but is also dependant on you undoing various parts of your assembly to accommodate additional or different components. Any message posted from one of the subforums below will show up in the section from which it is posted, and on the elecraft mailing list. K2server is the component that communicates directly with the k2. N4py offers rig control software for a wide variety of receivers from the elecraft k3 to the ten tec rx 320 receiver.

Elecraft k3 sdr setup writelog contesting software. The ham radio transceiver elecraft k3 and be used with a number of computer programs. Instead, the software page of the elecraft web site lists several general rig monitorcontrol programs suitable for elecraft k2, k3, and kx3 radios. Outside of my k3, the k2 has been the best rig i have ever used. The evolution of a radio shackand parting ways with my.

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