Lux tx9000ts programming software

I am wondering if anyone out there has the quadrafire branded programmable. Lux products tx9000ts004 touch screen 7day programmable thermostat. Copy your programs into the blank chart provided on. Look for a small white round reset button on the left side with a line going up to a label s.

Programming the tx9000ts provides four independent programming periods per day. This works best when a thermostat has at least one of the following. The lux tx9600ts features a large digital lighted display that makes the touch screen easy to read and program 7 day programming available. From smart to mechanical, lux has a thermostat perfect for every home and every job. The lux products tx9000ts thermostat found its way into my life last winter after reading about it in consumer reports. Lux boasts a userfriendly, touchscreen programming interface for its tx9000ts model.

The lux tx9000ts is programmed by a simple menudriven software with intuitive touchscreen commands with clear operator manuals to help you set up your heatingcooling schedule. Its even possible that youre staying up too late because of your computer. Tx9600ts lux tx9600ts 7day programmable smart temp. Lux products tx9000ts installation and operating instructions manual. Lux products tx9600ts programmable large touchscreen. Why youll love the lux tx9000ts lux 7day touchscreen programmable thermostat because this smart device gives you complete with accurate temperature control at the touch of a finger. It doesnt let the temperature to at least drop a little bit before it turns on. This lux model is energyefficient, easy to install as well as an economical option. Lux tx9000ts touch screen sevenday programmable thermostat. How to troubleshoot a lux tx9000ts product home guides sf. Thermostats such as the lux 500, the smart temp 9000, tx1500, lux hp2110 are functional energy saving tools, but when. An improperly functioning thermostat can limit energy efficiency, so common problems such as low batteries and incorrect settings must be corrected. Get lux products tx9000ts lux thermostat user manual.

I have an old thermostat and know nothing about it but wanted to put the new lux tx9000ts in for programming my heating and cooling. Lux products is a thermostat brand of johnson controls inc. There is little to say thats not favorable about this unit so i apologize if you think im being too over enthusiastic. Smart thermostats with autoscheduling create a foundation for their programming by observing your habits and local weather patterns or by asking you simple questions. The tx9000ts incorporates a userfriendly interface thats simple to understand and a large digital display thats easy to read.

This clever device gives you complete and accurate temperature control at the touch of a finger. Reset hold this button down for at least 5 seconds. Lux products lux 7 day manual or programmable thermostat tx100e 006 lux large lighted display. Read and download lux products thermostats tx9000ts installation manual online. The lux tx9000ts is one digital thermostat model that can help maintain a steady temperature throughout the area it is installed. The tx9600ts is great for heating and cooling systems including single and multistage heat pumps. Thats why youll love the lux tx9000ts sevenday programmable thermostat.

My old bryant lr11746 thermo is hooked up with g1, r, o, c, e, w2, and a y. With easytouse menudriven programming and intuitive touchscreen commands, this thermostat allows you to program up to four different time and temperature. It was rated best by consumer reports, particularly in usability. Most heating and cooling systems including single stage heat pumps and heat pumps with auxemergency heat 1 or 2 stage heat 1 stage cool.

My lux thermostat is not turning on my furnace hunker. Lux is the only company to put your info prominently in an app. Tx9000ts lux tx9000ts 7day programmable smart temp. It also displays the day of the week and the current program. Download free lux products user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties and. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. View online or download lux products tx9000ts installation and operating instructions manual. A thermostat such as those manufactured by lux is an indispensable part of any central heating system. Usage reports let you know how much energy you use and give feedback on how you can save even more.

Compatible with a variety of heating and cooling systems, this thermostat incorporates doityourself installation, a responsive touch screen, and a large lighted display for straightforward. The lux tx9000ts allows you to customise your households heating and cooling schedule differently for 7 days 1 week. Replacing my old thermostat bryant lr11746 to lux tx9000ts 6 answers please help. Each day of the week can be programmed differently with 2 or 4 periods per day. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Lux products model tx9000ts touchscreen thermostat. The tx9000ts is protected against normal static electric discharges. Lux tx9000ts touch screen 7 day programmable thermostat. Lux products tx9600ts universal 7day programmable touch.

Psp511ca, lca english page 1 lux products pro solutions. You can use the default programs or alter them to suit your schedule. Programming is aggravating until you realize that you have to press yes for any change to time or temperature to stick, after that, when youre finished with an entire days 4 time settings, youll go to the next day, just press copy until you get back to the monday and. The lux tx9000ts is one digital thermostat model that can help.

Such products may meet the energy star ratings under the program started by the. Reduce your electricity bill by programming your thermostat. Yes, its nice that you can control the thermostat from your phone and all, but it keeps cycling. Thermostats allow homeowners to specify the temperature at which they want to keep their home and it activates and. The lux tx9600ts thermostat, 7 day digital programmable universal touch screen is designed for use with most 24 volt heating and ac systems, two stage heat one stage cool gas, oil, electric, or single. Set the mode switch to cool to program the unit for controlling your air conditioner.

Lux tx9000ts programmable thermostat 7day programming, 4 periods per day compatible with most 24volt heating and cooling systems. Lux thermostat tx9000ts smart thermostats with wifi. Set daytime rotate the dial to the set daytime position. Ask your dealer for other lux thermostats to control those systems.

The tx9000ts can be used with most 24 volt gas, oil or electric heating and air conditioning systems, single stage heat pumps or gas millivolt heating systems. And, i dont know if honeywell will ever make a software update and make it an option to either have a cycling or swing option. Set the mode switch to heat to program the unit for controlling your heater. Lux tx9600ts 7day programmable smart temp universal touchscreen thermostat 2 heat 1 cool for use on. Lux products tx9000ts installation manual free pdf download. The lux 500 is a digital programmable thermostat that allows you to control your furnace or air conditioning unit to ensure that indoor temperatures are favorable for your entire family. Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site posts comes from individual users, not justanswer. I have had a quadrafire programmable thermostat on order for months from my dealer for my castile insert. Lux tx9000a thermostat answered by a verified hvac technician. Gas, oil or electric systems 1 or 2 stage heat 1 stage cool. How to program your lux thermostat for ultimate comfort. It has universal compatibility for all system types, except electric baseboard heat. My lux wxpsp511ca is locked dont know th sequence to.

It is a smart device that provides you with accurate and complete temperature control with the easy to use touch screen. Learn how easy it is to program your lux products tx1500u thermostat, and start saving energy and money. The tx9000ts displays the current time and the room temperature. Download free lux products user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties and installation guides, etc. Lux products tx9000ts installation manual page 5 free. Read and download lux products thermostats tx9000ts installation manual page 5 online. These steps will erase your custom program settings, so write down all temperatures and start times before you begin. The lux company makes many different devices that can be used to help regulate the heating and cooling of your home or business, including a line of thermostats. Copy copy will copy the previous days programs into the current day and advance the thermostat to the beginning of next day. How to program your lux thermostat for ultimate comfort and.

However, in extremely dry weather you should touch a grounded metal object before the tx9000ts to minimize the risk of causing damage to the unit. Getting a bit impatient i picked up a lux programmable which seems to be working out pretty well. T o ease reprogramming later, record your thermostat. It cannot be used with 3 wire zone valves, 120v systems, or multistage systems. By clicking create account, you agree to the companys. What are the main features of the lux sevenday programmable thermostat. Lux tx9000ts manual pdf get lux products txts lux thermostat user manual. Keeps flashing fan next to where the time is and ac wont. Software reset the software reset is a small recessed push button that is located right above the. Lux tx9000ts sevenday programmable thermostat lux tx9000ts. Lux products tx9000ts programmable thermostat product demo. Lux 7day touch screen programmable thermostat at lowes. And as a designer i was curious to see what they were doing with their touch screen interface. Lux products tx9000ts004 touch screen 7day programmable.

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